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Welcome to the personal blog of the director of the Taldykorgan Medical College Dzhansengirov Serik Maksimovich!

In the era of new technologies, communication becomes much easier. That is why now we have with you, on the one hand, a unique, and on the other hand — already an ordinary opportunity to discuss your questions and proposals.

I will be glad to discuss your questions concerning improving the quality of education, as improving the quality of education is one of the priorities of our college.

Each visitor has the opportunity to leave their comments, ask questions and make suggestions. All the questions will be answered.

History of the College

The history of the development of the medical college begins in 1936, when, on the initiative of the surgeon, N. Zhelvakov courses in the village of Gavrilovka (now-city of Taldykorgan) to prepare nurses for children’s creches. In 1940, the courses were transformed into a regional school. During the Second World War, the nurses trained for the front under the accelerated training program, the doctor Krovyakovskaya Lyudmila Borisovna-a chevalier of a number of medals, Honored Health Worker of the USSR. In these harsh years in the school nurses taught evacuated from the front-line cities coryphaeus medicine: professors Bogoyavlensky, Avtonomov, Kaverin V.

In 1954 the school of nurses was reorganized into a medical school, which began to train specialists of various profiles. In 1993, on the basis of the school, a medical college was organized, which began the preparation of students on a step-by-step system of training. In 2013, the college moved to the  «Taldykorgan Medical College». In different years, the directors were: Upir Philip Maksimovich (1947-71); Sverdlov Dorina Isaakovna (1971-77); Zhangarashev Kasen Sagatovich (1977-86); Kakimov Boranbai Kakimovich (1986-87); Drozd Viktor Markovich (1987-89), Bogodukhova Tamara Georgievna (1989-97). Since 1997, the college is run by Candidate of Medical Sciences, teacher of the highest category, doctor of hygienist epidemiologist Dzhansengirov Serik Maksimovich. Thanks to the organizational skills for a short period of time, the college has become one of the best secondary specialized educational institutions of the republic.

Taldykorgan Medical College

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